Our Philosophy

The Highland Home Cook makes small batches of cakes and bakes made with fresh local and organic ingredients (where possible). We are proud to use local Scottish suppliers, and pleased to 'cook with the seasons'.

We only use fresh and store cupboard ingredients that you would use yourself at home. We do not use chemical colourings, preservatives, fillers, corn syrup, any additives or nasties. We use natural sea salt, organic dairy, and unrefined golden caster sugar in all our recipes; sugar is reduced, compared to commercial bakes. We use Scottish butter, British rapeseed oil, and Greek or Spanish olive oil, where recipes require fats. We do not use palm oil, and actively avoid purchasing any products which do (e.g. peanut butter, vegetarian suet).

We use local suppliers, whose quality ingredients can be traced from farm to plate. The 'food miles' involved in preparing your food is very small compared to supermarket offerings.

How we Work

We are a small, local, family business. Highland Home Cook bread, cakes, bakes, savouries, desserts and special orders are baked freshly before each market.

All our packaging is made from sustainable materials and most of it is compostable.

Highland Home Cook is currently operating in Easter Ross and the Black Isle. If you live outside this area, we may be able to arrange collection of special orders by arrangement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our pricing structure aims to be fair and transparent, and we like to encourage and reward regular custom. If you have any queries, or wish to discuss anything at all, please contact us.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Highland Home Cook is passionate about the environment. To that end, we've signed the Food for the planet pledge to to reduce the environmental impact of our food business. See our pledge here

A note on Covid-19

We use bioD sanitiser for all our kitchen surfaces which conforms to food grade standard BS EN 1276 and is effective against 99% of harmful bacteria. We use bioD unscented sanitising handwash, which is tested to the same standard. Regular handwashing is a standard part of our kitchen hygiene practice.

Scotland - Good Food Nation

We support this:

Eating with the Seasons

Strawberries are ripe in June, and raspberries are ripe later in the summer. Rhubarb and gooseberries are only available for a few short weeks. On our supermarket shelves we see strawberries for much of the year – definitely not ripe, and often imported.

There are lots of good reasons to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, laudable things like reducing food miles, and supporting British farmers, but above all, as cooks and consumers, the paramount reason to eat with the seasons is because quite simply, the produce tastes better! Those of you who are older, and remember what fruit and veg tasted like before we were able to get it from across the globe the whole year round, and those of you who grow your own lovely fruit and veg, as I do, will know what I’m talking about: nothing beats the taste of the first ripe strawberry, the first new potatoes, or green beans. Of course we can’t grow lemons or bananas in the UK, but we grow a lot of fruit and vegetables very well, and Scotland is famous for its delicious soft fruit. Eating in line with what’s available in season not only means better taste, and better quality, but a better price generally speaking. If you’re lucky enough to have a local market near you, you’ll know how cost effective it is to buy something local and in season, rather than imported produce out of its natural season.

We’ve included a link to some charts which show you what fruit and vegetables are available in which month, which will give you an idea of what to expect when. I use local organic fruit and vegetable suppliers, and grow most of my own herbs, so you can expect to see lots of lovely in season fruit – and sometimes veg and herbs - in your monthly bakes. I hope you will join us in re-discovering this exciting way of eating.